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TRISEAS FOOD COMPANY INC is one of the leading seafood Suppliers. We are supplying and distributing seafood products to the European, USA, Middle east and Asian Countries etc.,

We are supplying best premium quality products, our processors complying the National and international standards like USFDA, BAP, BRC, ISO, FSSI-22000 etc,.

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Triseas food Company Inc., has supplying "Quality, safety, Legality" sea foods to buyers and fulfill their needs.

We maintain and support the sustainable source of the sea foods.

Our product gives good experience to the consumers on every table and each pieces of the food.

Our products ensure the more nutritional values and GMO free.

From farm to fork shipment we assure the quality to the customers.


Triseas food Company Inc., is specialist in Frozen foods and chilled products.

We having qualified and experience staffs to maintain the quality.

Each single shipment we will send only after QC Dept approval.

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11-86, Amodhagiripatnam, Desaipeta, Chirala, Prakasam Dist, Andhra Pradesh – 523155, India.